A General Inventory of Surface-Syntactic Relations. Part One


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A universal list of surface-syntactic relations [SSyntRels] is compiled based on the idea that a SSyntRel r is “the same” in different languages if and only if this r has the same set of core functions in all these languages (just like the nominative in different languages is still a nominative since it is used everywhere for nomination - its core function; its other functions might be different). A few remarks are formulated on the Deep-Syntactic structure: 12 universal deep-syntactic relations are briefly introduced, and a list of 30 fictitious lexemes is presented (they are used in DSyntSs to represent syntactic constructions carrying lexical-type meanings). After a concise characterization of SSyntRels, the paper offers a list of 112 SSyntRels known in world languages: subordinate and coordinate; the subordinate SSyntRels are divided into clause-level and phrase-level SSyntRels, with further subdivision into valence-controlled vs. non-valence-controlled and then into Noun Phrase SSyntRels, Adpositional Phrase SSyntRels, etc.

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Игорь Александрович Мельчук
Канадское Королевское общество; Австрийская Академия Наук; Безансонский университет (Франция)

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Для цитирования: Мельчук И.А. . ВЕСТНИК РГГУ. Серия «Литературоведение. Языкознание. Культурология». 2015;(8):75-103. https://doi.org/10.28995/2686-7249-2015-8-75-103

For citation: Mel’Čuk I. A General Inventory of Surface-Syntactic Relations. Part One. RSUH/RGGU Bulletin: “Literary Teory. Linguistics. Cultural Studies”, Series. 2015;(8):75-103. (In Russ.) https://doi.org/10.28995/2686-7249-2015-8-75-103

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